Leak detection and repair

If you have a water leak then we can help. If water is escaping in to your property then try and find the source of the leak, see if you have a tap or “stopcock” that you can switch off, then contact Kings Cross Plumbing for help. If you live in a flat and water is coming in from the apartment upstairs, firstly go upstairs and speak to your neighbour, then call us for help. From isolating and fixing leaks right through to disaster recovery and disposal of damaged carpets and furniture, Kings Cross Plumbing are your leak detection and recovery solution from start to finish including access to the latest leak detection technology to determine where the problem is and how to fix it. An undetected leak can cause a huge water bill to arrive unexpectedly and cause property damage to your own and surrounding properties. If you have a leak, whether it’s a trickler or a gusher contact us today if it can’t be fixed on the spot then a temporary measure can sometimes be put in place to prevent the leaky pipe causing more damage and buying you some time while a permanent solution is considered.

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